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Partnerships with Montreal Area Businesses since inception.


Active Work Training Placements at all Times


Member team specifically dedicated to employment training.

Ready when you are.

Summit Empowers represents one of the single largest job training programs for neurodiverse young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 in North America.


We ensure that our students are ready for the workplace through programming that focuses on support, autonomy, and hands-on workplace training.


Our innovative model of on-site job coaching ensures that on-site training and accommodation support is taken care of for participating businesses, significantly reducing the time and resources typically required for integrating neurodiverse talent into the workplace.

Our innovative work training curriculum provides in-class and out of class instruction in areas like CV writing, budgeting, workplace culture, customer service and more.

Work-Oriented Curriculum

10 Summit-operated businesses engage clients in the community, allowing students real-world experiences that help them find their strengths and develop skills.

In-house Businesses

Students, accompanied by a Job Coach, have a series of eight week internship placements with participating Montreal businesses getting real life work experience.

Job Placements

The Empower Model

Companies That Care

And the list keeps growing...

Partner with Empower

Ready to make an impact? Summit Empowers seeks forward-thinking businesses eager to champion neurodiversity in the workforce. Connect with us at to explore partnership opportunities. Together, we can create inclusive futures.

Join us in driving change.

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